to ensure best quality all orders require a two day notice, we are open Friday-Monday

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to ensure best quality all orders require a two day notice. we are open Friday-Monday

Grazing Tables

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my Mission To You

My mission to you is to bring the best charcuterie experience, with fresh & gourmet ingredients, from charcuterie boxes and boards, all the way to luxurious charcuterie grazing tables, private charcuterie workshops are also available. Cuts & Slabs Charcuterie will leave you satisfied.


Have purchased two boards and have loved both of them entirely! David is always so professional! Cant wait to buy my next one!



Quality orders done in a timely matter. attention to detail is everything! Owner is an absolute angel!!! support local ❤️


Ariana Rivera

One of the best charcuterie boards I have ever had!! Everything is so fresh and very well presented.
The meat to cheese ratio is prefect and there's everything you'd want from sweet to salty.
It is apparent that a lot of time of love go into the creation of each board.
Will definitely be ordering again.


Monica Heredia

I have used this company several times as gifts to my clients and I have bought for myself too. I absolutely love Cuts and Slabs Charcuterie. His presentation is amazing, and the options are great and the price is well worth it. You will never get any crusty fruit or cheese. Everything is fresh and just perfect. My clients have loved it. Every time I want charcuterie I only think about this company! You won’t be disappointed!!

Christina Berry

I use Cuts and Slabs for all of my special occasions! The boards always have fresh ingredients and fun pairings. David is always quick to respond, friendly, and accommodating. The perfect addition to any event.


I ordered a 4 shaped board for our 4th wedding anniversary. It was super cute and the shape made it extra special. Most importantly, it was delicious and they went above and beyond to accommodate my husband who doesn’t eat cheese by adding extra meat (and keeping some cheese for me!)


Since the very first time I ordered beginning of 2021 until the last one we have ordered feb 2022 we have never been disappointed, we love the variety of cheeses, meats, fruits, nuts, crackers and sweets we have gotten in every single one of them, not to mention the great service they provide.

Arlene valdivia

The best charcuterie boxes ever , and I definitely have broadened my variety of cheeses because of David ! He’s great, and the customer service is on point !


We love Cuts and Slabs! Incredible charcuterie boards that are beautiful, delicious and must-haves for big dinners or even a date-night at home.